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Chris Grisby, MScIT 

A glimpse into my world: During my Masters work I gravitated towards the term Fine Arts Industrial Technologist. I have an affinity for both creative and practical interests.  

My education background was in drafting and design work. I like to tinker with apps and software and have been an avid comic book collector for years. I enjoy cheesy sci-fi and action movies. They're my escape into worlds of imagination and creativity. My work background has included various retail and customer service industries.

Traveling has become a part of my relationship with my partner. While I generally dislike traveling, I enjoy watching him find joy in new and familiar places. Our go-to destination? Disneyland, where my favorite ride is It's a Small World. It's key for a break from the crowd. 

At home, I share my space with an English Bulldog, which I swear is part pig and a stray cat that my partner found over a decade ago who I still refer to as a stray, lol. They're a constant source of companionship and chaos.

I look forward to helping you connect with your provider! :)

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