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Courtney Denevi, BCBA, LBA, LMSW

Courtney Denevi is a compassionate and dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA),
Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA), and Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) in the state of
Arizona. With a diverse range of expertise, Courtney specializes in Play therapy, behavioral
therapy, art expression, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Positive Psychology, and
mindfulness techniques.


I have been working in the field of behavioral health for the past 10 years. My preferred
counseling sessions include groups, individual, family, and couple’s therapy. I currently serve
ages 6 through adulthood.


My clinical practice encompasses a wide range of specialties, including therapy experience with
Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disabilities (IDD), Autism, depression, obsessive compulsive
disorder (OCD), anxiety, mood dysregulation, General Mental Health (GMH), and Serious
Mental Illness (SMI).


In therapy sessions, I like to create a nurturing and inclusive space for clients to explore their
thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I like to draw upon evidence-based practices such as
Applied behavioral analysis techniques, Play therapy, behavioral interventions, art expression,
CBT, and mindfulness techniques to guide clients towards positive change and growth.


As a firm believer in the power of collaboration, I actively involve my clients and their families in
the therapeutic process. I work closely with individuals to develop personalized treatment plans
that align with their unique needs and goals, fostering a sense of empowerment and ownership
over their mental health journey.


If you are seeking a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist who combines evidence-
based approaches with a person-centered focus, I welcome you to join me at Brazen Therapy in
downtown Phoenix.



”Empowering You To Be Bold Without Shame”


Adolescents / Teenagers (12 to 17)

Children ( 5-11)

Insurance Accepted:
Blue Cross / Blue Shield

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