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Jeanine Whitehead, LMSW

I want to acknowledge the courage you are demonstrating as you take steps to seek support; this process can feel scary and overwhelming. To ease those feelings, I want to share a little bit about myself with you. My name is Jeanine Whitehead and I describe myself as empathetic, supportive, and silly. I enjoy spending time going to the movies, reading a good book, and exploring my community with friends and family. As a person from a multicultural and biracial background, I understand the challenges that often impact one’s sense of belonging and identity. 


Therefore, I am passionate and motivated to work with individuals who are finding their place in the world when it does not feel clearly defined. This can be experiences stemming from feeling torn between cultures, racial identities, sexual/gender identities, transracial adoptions, or generally trying to navigate the various complexities of adulthood and how to be yourself in this fast-paced world. 


Together we can strengthen your idea of self, enhance self-confidence/self-esteem, develop skills to advocate for yourself, and learn about boundaries and how you exist within various life relationships. No matter what the focus of our time together is, I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental space to allow us to build honest expression, communication, and trust. 


Adults (18+)

Insurance Accepted:
Blue Cross / Blue Shield


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