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Mindy Robbins, LCSW, CYT 

Hello! I’m Mindy, the founder/ clinical director of Affirming You and clinical supervisor of Brazen Therapy. I first opened my practice in 2021 in hopes of creating a space where clients, interns, therapists, and other community members alike would feel supported and affirmed. I believe that everyone deserves to feel seen and understood from their unique perspective and that healing occurs within our communities and relationships with one another.


My approach to therapy offers tools and support to build self-compassion, a sense of safety, belonging, dignity, and community. I utilize therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, IFS, ACT, DBT, and somatic interventions, from a trauma-informed and gender and neurodiversity-affirming lens. In addition, I enjoy incorporating art, movement, and laughter into my work as a therapist and trainer/ mentor.

I am passionate about gender and neurodiversity-affirming care and offer supervision, consultation, and company trainings for therapists and other professionals.

Most of my professional experience has been working with individuals who have experienced domestic violence, religious/ spiritual trauma, sexual trauma, military-related trauma, and trauma experienced within oppressive systems. I have specialized in gender-affirming care over the past five years and am a member of both TPATH and WPATH. I continue to consult and train with other gender and neurodiversity-affirming professionals across the country to ensure our practice stays current on best practices and ways to best support our clients. Additionally, I collaborate with other private therapy practices, agencies, and community programs in obtaining community resources and hosting free community events throughout the Phoenix area. I believe we can better serve our community through collaborating and working together!

In my free time, I enjoy hiking (I’m currently on a mission to see all the waterfalls in AZ. I didn’t know there were so many!), thrifting for old furniture and making it look new, painting, pottery, and building adult lego set (the typewriter set is my favorite so far), reading and spending time with friends (usually in the same room while we work on our own hobbies/ projects).

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